Location Recording Kit

Sound Devices 788t 12 track Digital Recorder
Sound Devices CL8 and CL2 Fader add ons
SQN 4S series IVe Location Mixer (ppm scales)
Audio Ltd EN2 Dual Diversity Radio Mics (CH38)
Cos 11 and MKE2 Gold Lavalier Mics for EN2 Transmitters
Sennheiser EK300 IEM
Sennhesier Sk100 Wireless Transmitter (CH38)
V-Lock Radio Mic Camera Mounts
Audio Ltd RMS2020 radio mics
ECM77, Mke2 Gold & Tram TR50 mics for 2020 transmitters
Schoeps CMIT-5U Shotgun mic
Sennheiser mkh416 shotgun mics  in Rycote’s and jammer’s
Beyer M58 Reporter’s Mics
Sony ECM77 lapel mics with inline battery powering
Shure SM58 dynamic mics
Shure SM57 dynamic mics
AKG 460 Condenser mics
AKG 414 Condenser mics
Hawkwoods APR1 2020 diversity rack
PAG L95 Lithium batteries and Charger
Hawkwoods NP1 quick chargers and batteries
Ipower lithium polymer batteries and charger
Panamic Boom Poles
VDB boom Poles
HD650 Sennheiser Headphones
HD25 Sennheiser Headphones
Motorola Radios
Selection of Transducers and ear moulds
Hard Peli-Cases for travel

Studio Recording Kit

ADK Digital Audio Workstation
ATC SCM20-2 Active Monitor Speakers
Quad CDP-99 Digital CD and Preamp
Quad 99 Power amp
Quad 12L Speakers
Soundcraft Ghost 24/8/2 mixing desk
Adat 8 track digital multitrack recorders
Pioneer MJD707 minidisk recorder/player
Tascam DA30 mk2 dat
JLCooper datasync box
Focusrite Red2 eq
Focusrite Platinum Voicemaster pro
DBX 266XL Stereo compressors/gates
Alesis Quadraverbs
Sony R7 and D7 effect boxes
RME Soundcards
Echo 24/96 Gina Soundcard & external interface box (PC)
Assorted Pro Audio Software and Plug-ins
Yamaha DTX pro electronic drum system
Sennheiser HD650 Headphones
Fender Strat Guitar
Epiphone Electric Guitar
Ovation and Tanglewood acoustic Guitars
Lexicon MPX100 effects units
Hohner pro active B-Bass guitar
Roland D50 Keyboard
leads, looms etc
Assortment of Analog and Digital Leads and Connectors


Carnet available on request for work outside UK